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Bradley’s British Tea House was born in year of 2014 as one of the first pioneer of British tea house concept in Jakarta. Offering a unique afternoon tea experiences, Bradley’s British Tea House offer an excellent service with an authentic British decoration in the restaurant which located at Kertanegara, Senopati, South Jakarta.

Beginning of 2017, Ardiasa Putra as the founder of Bradley’s British Tea House decided to leverage the tea house business by serving a premium, well crafted food quality from the best to his restaurant. “Now days Indonesian culture, quite educated with what they have on their plate, presentation and looks always comes first but the most important from all will be the Signature Taste of the plate itself! So I decided to adopt and implement those with a little twist into my restaurant.” Many people known us as Bradley’s Tea House so we decided to change the name to Bradley’s Kitchen!” quoted the man who use to be called Asa.

When passion meet compassion it become creations so as for food, Bradley’s Kitchen offers five selections menu from starter, entree, meat time packages, dessert and signature drinks. Scotch Egg, African Spice Roasted Chicken., BBQ Meat Board instantly become our TOP dish from all.

Bradley’s Kitchen located at Jalan Bumi no. 24 at Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta with business hour from 10 am till 10 pm during weekdays and end at 11 pm on weekend. For further information, stay update with our news and events by following their social media on Facebook: @bradleyskitchenjkt and Instagram Bradleyskitchen. Make your reservation anytime to 021 722- 0170.